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Our children’s innocence is under attack. Every day they are being exposed to agendas – sexual, political, and other key areas – that are radically different. Most parents don’t know what’s happening in their schools and their communities and those that do are asking, “What can I do to make a difference?” POCP offers you the opportunity to become part of a statewide community that is taking an active role in the life and future of our children. POCP’s strategies have been effective in the past in helping parents, teachers, and school boards to defend their values; and our efforts are limited only by the number of people who choose to be involved in defending youth from these destructive influences. Who will stand up for our children if not us, and if not now, when?

Our Children’s Innocence Is Being Violated!

Often, things are being done “under cover of darkness.” A majority of parents would be up in arms if they knew the information and negative influences their children are being subjected to. For example, some school districts in Florida are being forced to encourage students to believe they’re the opposite sex and that they were born in the wrong body.

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Parents are being kept in the dark and their rights are being violated!

The state’s biggest LGBT advocacy group has created an “LGBT Resource Guide for teachers”. Many of the school districts in Florida have adopted it, some because their school board attorneys aren’t familiar with this area of law and others because they advocate for the advancement of this agenda. These “guides” contain outright lies and misrepresentations to justify keeping parents in the dark about the sexual agenda being pushed in the schools and about their own children’s entanglement in these behaviors.

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Teachers’ rights are being violated.

Teachers are implicitly or explicitly made aware that they will suffer retribution if they stray from district directives about how these sexually confused children should be treated. Even if their sincerely held moral or religious beliefs dictate that they can’t encourage their students in this confusion, they have had to solicit legal representation to keep from being fired – and some have been fired anyway!

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Boys are being unfairly allowed to compete against girls in girls’ athletic events!

In Florida, boys who say they think they’re girls are allowed to compete against girls in girls’ athletic events. In 2019, the Florida High School Athletic Association put a policy into effect that says boys who say they think they’re girls have to be allowed to compete in girls’ athletic events.

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Securing Our Children's Future

Our vision is to provide every child with the protections necessary to develop a healthy person in spirit, mind and body. Protecting our children through educating and empowering the local community to have a positive, life-changing effect on the entities that influence our children and impact their futures is our purpose.

What Others Have To Say

Our parents and teachers need a voice. It's time to protect the future of our children and the rights of teachers.

"I was told by my administration that they would allow students to choose which locker rooms they wanted to use. As a PE teacher I had many concerns. What about the rights of the students, the parents and what about my rights and protections as a teacher?"
Stephanie Christiansen
"My principle sat me down in his office and told me that a girl identifying as a boy is to be given full access to the boy's locker room. After speaking with district I was told that nothing would be done, the parents wouldn't be contacted and I would lose my job if I didn't comply."
Rob Oppedisano
"I'm amazed to see the work that POCP is putting forward and the effort that is going into protecting the future of our children and the careers of our teachers."
Oscar Chacon

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Contact Protect Our Children Project today or read answers to some of our most frequent questions below.

How does Protect Our Children Project (POCP) operate?

POCP is a non-profit organization whose founding was prompted by the relentless onslaught of radical ideologies that attempt to steal our children’s innocence, rob them of their privacy rights, and indoctrinate rather than educate them. These attacks happen in all segments of our community, and most especially in our public schools. POCP works through County Chapters to accomplish the purpose stated above. From the Members who join POCP in a community, some step forward to be Volunteers and Leaders. Those who become active in these roles then follow POCP developed methods to establish relationships with local leaders. These relationships often put POCP in a position to impact issues, either positively or negatively, before they affect our children. These active individuals keep track of events in their communities and use POCP tools to keep parents and other interested parties educated and up-to-date on issues that may have an impact on children. They encourage all Members to be involved in reaching out to local leaders if that becomes necessary. County organizations may work together when needed to bring about positive results.

Is this group affiliated with a church or organized religious faith?

No, POCP works to bring together the local community regardless of race, religion, or creed. POCP seeks to conserve the Judeo-Christian Principles that our country was founded on which include: Religious Freedom, Family as a Fundamental Unit of Society, and the Constitutional Rights of Parents to make decisions for their own children.

I'm concerned about the infringement on my parental rights but what can I possibly do to help?

First, as a parent, you need to do everything possible to educate yourself. Many parents don’t know if their rights are being violated and if they do, many don’t know how to proceed. In both these circumstances, POCP – through the use of the website, Email Communications, and Social Media – provides educational information that can assist parents in determining what is going on in the community that might be of concern to them and strategies on what can be done. POCP’s goal is to create county chapters that can unite the local community, bring awareness to issues that pose threats to our children, and provide support so no one has to navigate the system alone.

I am a concerned educator that is fearful of losing my job if I speak up. How can I receive support anonymously?

POCP is committed to helping teachers by providing a safe, anonymous place for them to share their concerns. When a teacher approaches us, they can feel confident that their identity will remain anonymous and we will do our best to provide support, guidance, and assist in finding legal representation if needed. We know teachers may feel helpless and/or intimidated about standing up when they see policies and procedures that are wrong and cause harm. These include violations of their rights, students’ rights, or parents’ rights. We believe that teachers should have their community behind them so they can feel safe to speak out.

My parental rights have been violated by the school system but I am worried about coming forward publicly and wish to keep my child out of the spotlight. Can you help?

POCP is working to create an environment of transparency where our public schools are completely transparent with parents and where parents can feel safe voicing their concerns. Until this happens, we provide a safe environment where parents can approach any County Chapter and know POCP will work to address their concern with appropriate community leaders while, at the same time, protecting the parents’ anonymity. POCP’s goal is to provide parents with educational materials that will enable them to lawfully navigate the best course of action.

I’ve heard that keeping parents in the dark regarding a student’s sexual and/or gender identity is actually protecting them from abusive parents?

We do not believe that encouraging a child to navigate through sexuality and gender related issues without their parent’s support is safe. We believe that encouraging, in any way, a child to navigate these issues without parental involvement is child abuse. Encouraging dishonesty with parents not only causes fear and undue stress but leaves children vulnerable to child predators and is clearly a violation of Parental Rights. In the rare instance where a child faces abuse, there are already laws in place to protect the child.

I keep hearing that allowing a child to decide whether their parents are involved in their sexual and/or gender related decisions is potentially saving them from attempting suicide?

Studies show that young people who engage in sexual activity with either partners of the same sex or of the opposite sex are 12 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who don’t engage in sex. Regardless of sexual preference, if a sexually active underage child is facing these statistics how can anyone justify keeping their parents in the dark and not allowing the parents to love and protect their child?

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