Boys are being unfairly allowed to compete against girls in girls’ athletic events!

We can all agree that girls work as hard as boys to excel in sports. They feel the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. What you may not know is that girls are being cheated out of opportunities to win in athletic competitions here in Florida and across the US by boys who say they think they’re girls. As absurd and unfair as this may seem, there are legal cases currently in process that will decide this issue. Recently the US Supreme Court chose to legislate from the bench and redefine the word sex (this redefinition is really a job for Congress) to include “sexual orientation”, “gender identity”, and “gender expression” in Title VII cases dealing with employment discrimination. Unless you’re really alert, you probably haven’t heard about this and you certainly weren’t asked for your opinion. Not only is this simply unfair – boys have distinct physiological advantages in most sports – the U.S. Department of Education has issued a ruling that schools that allow biological boys to compete in girls’ athletic events run the risk of losing their “Title IX” funding. Title IX is federal funding whose purpose is to ensure that girls have the same opportunities in education (including sports) as boys. It amounts to a substantial amount, even in small school districts.If this miscarriage of justice from the Title VII case overlaps from employment to Title IX, then the collapse of girls’ athletics won’t be far behind. Please join POCP as we work to protect girls’ sports here in Florida and ultimately across the US.

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