Our Children’s Innocence Is Being Violated!

In many school districts, students are being taught that they can change their sex (they call it gender)! The facts of biology are eliminated from their lessons. Schools have special programs for students experiencing this “gender dysphoria”, which is what this phenomenon is called. The programs are said to be supportive and protect the students from bullying, but the special treatment actually encourages students to claim they’re the other sex. Younger tweens – especially girls – have begun deciding in groups that they are “boys in the wrong bodies”. Some teachers who are supportive of this ideology push this scientifically impossible position in their classrooms. They talk about this issue in a way that steps on the rights of students in their classrooms who believe in science, come from a religious faith that tells them this isn’t possible, or simply follow common sense! Yet these students are denied the right to opt out of these classes. Other teachers who object to this indoctrination are intimidated into silence through threats to their careers. Yielding to outside pressures, some School Districts in Florida allow boys who say they think they’re girls to share bathrooms and showers with the girls and allow girls who say they think they’re boys to share with the boys. This is done without prior approval of the students (or their parents) who will be exposed to a person of the opposite biological sex. Students aren’t offered any opportunity to opt out of these classes.

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