Parents are being kept in the dark and their rights are being violated!

In every one of these guides we’ve reviewed, teachers have been told the lie that they are forbidden from telling parents about their children’s sexual confusion. They lie about the federal HIPPA laws that protect student’s health records from being revealed to people outside the family or the school district. They tell teachers that HIPPA prevents them from saying anything to parents. The guides also lie about the “legal” justification for enabling this kind of activity. They cite court cases and legal decisions that aren’t even about the issue or where the decisions rendered are exactly opposite the position being claimed in the guides.The authors of the guides know that most people – including teachers – know nothing about HIPPA laws, privacy laws, or court cases. They are also aware that even if teacher’s do know, they’re not likely to say anything because it puts them at risk for retaliation.Parents are also being kept in the dark about sex-based clubs in the schools. These GSA (Gay Straight Alliance [sexual terms]) are supposed to be student led and be about tolerance. While they may follow these rules some of the time, captured emails and social media posts have shown clearly that adults are sometimes leading the program. It’s also hard to imagine that teenagers in a club whose focus is sex never get into discussions about sex in the club. Parents have been surprised to find that on combined Middle and High School campuses, these sex clubs are open to students from both grade levels. That means there can be children as young as 11 or 12 in a club about sex with much older students – some of whom are actually adults – without parents even being aware of it!