Teachers’ rights are being violated.

Gym teachers have found themselves being coerced to oversee locker rooms and showers where biological boys and girls have been allowed to share facilities because a student from one sex has said he or she believes they are the other sex! If a teacher knows that there will be a student of one biological sex showering with students of the opposite sex, the teacher’s job will be in jeopardy if he or she refuses to oversee co-ed locker rooms and showers. POCP is headquartered in Tampa Bay. One of the Tampa Bay counties, Pasco, is an example. The rules the District has implemented regarding this – without any vote by the School Board – also forces teachers to call students by fictitious names and pronouns that are in sync with their “new gender identity”. The rules also prohibit teachers from telling parents about their children’s sexual decisions and from even alerting parents if a student of the opposite biological sex will be sharing locker and shower facilities with their children.