The article went on to say: “Last fall, parents at the posh, $55,000-per-year Dalton School got wind of their first-graders being taught sex education lessons that included masturbation.” The “lesson” was presented by Justine Ang Fonte, the same “educator” who presented an explicit “porn literacy workshop” to high school juniors in another “elite”, high dollar private school in NYC where parents pay $47,000 a year for their children to attend.

If you go to the article and watch the video, you’ll see a cartoon with a teacher leading children to talk about touching themselves “because it feels good”. Fonte has reassured parents that she does not use the word “masturbation” in class, and that her lessons teach kids not to touch themselves in public.

That’s supposed to be reassuring, but when parents at both schools found out about the lessons, they were incensed. Unfortunately, as happens all too often, the administrations at both schools first denied that it was happening and then promised to “do something”. As is the case in many of these left-wing instigated situations, parents are reluctant to make a lot of noise because they don’t want their children to suffer repercussions and they don’t want to be personally “cancelled”.

You may wonder why this news item is in the Newsfeed of Protect Our Children Project, a non-profit organization that focuses on children’s issues in Florida. It’s because this process of hiding things that they would likely object from parents happens all the time. This happens to be a recent one that was exposed.

Over the years, we have brought into the light many of these kinds of issues that some teachers and school administrators work diligently to hide from parents in Florida. The emphasis here is on the word “some”. Fortunately, there are many good teachers and administrators, but they often find themselves trapped in positions where they are simply unable to stand against the tide.

At the same time continuous efforts are being made to Protect Our Children from the indoctrination that is becoming all too prevalent in our schools and our culture, POCP is also building a barrier of protection for teachers by uniting those who are opposed to the brainwashing that is being foisted on students.

You can view the article here:  It contains links to additional articles about this Marxist teacher and the efforts she is making to indoctrinate our children.

None of the material is suitable for children, and adults are cautioned that while the content may not be obscene, it is suggestive. That’s why it’s so dangerous for young people whose minds haven’t even developed to the point where they’re able to fully understand the potential ramifications of their actions.

This type thing is happening here in Florida. Some school administrators and teachers don’t want you to know about it because they think they know what’s best for your children and fear that you might “interfere”. POCP was founded to counter this arrogance by keeping parents abreast of what’s happening in our schools and our culture that will have a negative impact on our children and by helping those who are concerned actually do something about it.

Together we can make a difference!

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