POCP’s mission is: “To protect our children’s innocence, privacy rights, and quality of education by supporting the family and encouraging community involvement.” It has been an honor to have POCP members take part in the efforts that have ended the mask mandates in Polk and Manatee counties! POCP’s County Chapters are preparing to stand with groups in every Florida county on behalf of our children.

This 10 year old girl bravely stood up to tell the truth about what mask mandates are doing to kids at the Press Conference that was being held In Polk County while the School Board was preparing to vote on lifting the mandate.

A terrible loss for her was the friendships that faded because they weren’t allowed to get together in school. She told of her parents’ anguish because they weren’t allowed to participate in any of their children’s school activities. And then she expressed her anger that the people making the decisions weren’t thinking about the science or the kids, they were kowtowing to the teachers’ union.

In Manatee County, POCP members joined other parents and grandparents in massive demonstrations. You can see part of one in this short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsF_Z-enmbY). The protests convinced the Manatee Board of Education to end the mask mandate, not just for the upcoming school year, but beginning two days after their meeting which was two days before the end of this school year.

Together we can make a difference!