School districts around Florida and across the country are initiating administrative procedures that allow boys who say they think they’re girls to share bathroom, locker, and shower facilities with girls. Likewise, girls who say they think they’re boys are allowed to share boy’s facilities with the boys. Often, this permission is given without the knowledge of the parents of the sexually confused student – or the parents of the children who will potentially be exposed to a naked student of the opposite sex!

And the children are certainly not warned about the lifelong changes that they will definitely experience or about the life-threatening reactions they have a high probability of contracting. If you want to know why young people should be discouraged from going down the “gender reassignment” road, these two videos will help. In this first short 35 second video ( , the first speaker is spewing the lies that the culture is using to seduce our children. The following speakers give heartbreaking testimony about the regret many of the young people who have been deceived into believing they are actually the opposite sex are feeling today.

In this 10 minute video (, Sydney Wright is a young girl was persuaded to “transition” to being a boy by a callous “gender doctor”. After spending time going through hormone treatments and considering a hysterectomy, she realized she was designed to be a girl. You can read a more complete story here ( ), and understand how the indifference shown her by the medical “professionals” is helping create this epidemic. And the fact is that it’s happening to thousands of children across our country.

In both of these and in every other situation where a young person is persuaded to take drugs go “change their ‘gender’”, some uncaring profiteer is walking away with a money source for a lifetime. These drugs are expensive and only those who have the intestinal fortitude plus a very strong support system are able to break away. Planned Parenthood is the most vicious of these abusers. An organization that makes its livelihood murdering unborn babies isn’t going to care about ruining the lives of children who have been betrayed by our culture and the medical community.

Their chilling stories will touch your heart and should inspire you to join Protect Our Children Project as we work to counter the insanity that is overtaking our country.

Together we can make a difference!

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