1 in 5 girls 13-17 say they’ve shared their own nudes via cellphone!

In another study, 51% of 11 to 13-year-olds and 66% of 14 to 15-year-olds reported that they had seen pornography at some point. That same research revealed that 75% of parents in the survey thought their child hadn’t seen pornography online, but in reality, 53% of their children reported that they had in fact seen it. Other research has found that more and younger children are accessing internet pornography. The average age of first exposure is 11. Internet Statistics developed by GuardChild found that 44% of tweens surveyed said they’ve watched something online their parents wouldn’t approve of (Only 28% of parents were aware of this). In this short video (https://studio.youtube.com/video/TmrRtxteM2I/edit), Sharon Cooper, MD relates the story of a young boy whose life was ruined because of pornography.

In 2018, the Pew Research Center found that 95% of teens interviewed said they either had a smartphone or access to one. Now consider that many of those smartphones are bought by the child without parental knowledge or involvement. When you mix in the ease of access to pornography on a smartphone, whether by accident or by design, and it’s easy to see the storm brewing.

This is not harmless fun with no victims! The people who are being exploited – mostly women and children – are being subjected to conditions so horrendous it is difficult to hear about without being sickened. Many of the children who are being sexually manipulated via their phones are victims immediately because they are being desensitized and sucked into sexual addiction. This short video (here is the link: ) shows what can happen. And. as they become more and more numbed about sexual behavior, they are at the same time being groomed for sex trafficking.

POCP has become engaged in the fight to stop this plague. Our plan is fourfold:

1. Do everything possible to make parents aware of the problem. There is substantial other evidence that corroborates the above statements that show only a small percentage of parents are aware of what is being done to their children via their cellphones.

2. Work with parents to implement new and existing strategies to combat the damage being done to their children.

3. Pressure cellphone manufacturers to deliver cellphones with their pornography blocking software turned on and only give codes to turn it off to adults.

4. Work through the legal system – through new laws and through lawsuits – to hold the perpetrators of these crimes against children accountable.

Our kids are under attack! Will you stand with POCP and help shield them?

Together we can make a difference!