The Superintendent of Schools is the one who initiated the administrative procedure that allowed the sexually confused girl to use the boys’ locker room in the first place. This sleight of hand enables administrators to create de-facto policies without having to hold the public hearings required by Florida law for actual policies that are voted on by the School Board.

Of course, the Superintendent of Schools denied that their jobs had been threatened. That’s a standard practice with bureaucrats when people stand up to their bullying. But the coaches felt threatened enough that they engaged the services of Liberty Counsel, a non-profit organization that offers pro-bono legal representation to people whose constitutional rights have been violated.

They also reached out to Protect Our Children Project. POCP launched a local effort to support the teachers and to influence the School Board to pass an actual policy regarding bathroom, locker room, and shower use. POCP enlisted hundreds of people to speak at School Board meetings on behalf of the teachers and against the bathroom “policy”. Fortunately, POCP’s efforts helped the teachers retain their jobs, but just as the effort to sway the School Board into acting began to gain traction, the Chinese Communist Party virus hit and all public events, including public comment at School Board meetings, were shut down.

POCP was founded to shine light into the darkness in our schools and our culture and to help those who are being negatively impacted by it.

Together we can make a difference!

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