Dear Mayor and City Council

I've been informed that several from our team have emailed you guys and no one including myself has received a response.

New Port Richey has the opportunity to stand up and do the right thing and stop the American Library Association from their radical agendas on indoctrinating our children.

You have the opportunity to do the right thing!!!

Stand with11 of the counties in state of Florida including Pasco County who has cut all ties with the (ala)

Taxpayers do not want you giving or text dollars to these organizations that promote drag queen story hours and indoctrination of children.

We would prefer not having to show up in large numbers of people and waste your time or ours!

There's a simple solution stop funding the ALA

If you truly want the support of the thousands of conservative Christians in New Port Richey & the greater Tampa Bay area but this says an agenda item and vote no more funding the ALA.

When we emailed this to our Pasco County Commissioners they didn't even put it on the agenda.

They just stopped paying their annual fee and we were able to go in

publicly and thank them for doing so.

This would be your smartest solution with no pushback.

We expect a response from those we have elected.

Pastor Troy Pederson

Pasco Director Protect Our Children Project

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